Hello Music Lover,

Instead of relying on ‘spot-a-fly’' or ‘YouTube’ monetization, I will post many of our LIVE shows on my new VIDEO channel.  I am asking for a a periodical donation for support (whatever you can afford).  Other artists I see ask for $4.99 per month, some $2 per month, etc.  For right now, this donation is whatever you can afford to donate for THIS YEAR (e.g. $12, $25, $50, $120, etc).  We are trying to record a NEW LIVE album so anything can help.

To gain access to a ‘COUNTRY CLUB’ membership, just donate SOMETHING ($1?) and I will provide access to the ‘COUNTRY CLUB’ area (Drop Down Menu Under ‘THE SHOW’):

  • Access to archived LIVE shows & there are some great ones!!
  • Gift - FREE DOWNLOAD (provide me your email)
  • Access to exclusive/unreleased songs or LIVE recordings
  • Access to new songs and albums before anyone else
  • Exclusive discounts on merch

Donations now would help us in completion of new album.  To give you a taste, see below the first single ‘Heartbreak Prison’ available from new album ‘Burning Down The Riverview Tavern’.  Hope you will support my music & thanks for joining my COUNTRY CLUB!  Steps/reminders below:

  1. Donate something for COUNTRY CLUB access
  2. Send an EMAIL with your EMAIL address – send to mailto:garjayfire@gmail.com   Use FORM below.
  3. I will EMAIL you the PASSWORD for COUNTRY CLUB access + FREE DOWNLOAD.
  4. NOTE:  Please do NOT share PASSWORD.  Instead, share this page so we can add more subscribers & donations.  http://www.gjfire.club/ 

Thanks. -GaryJ

Donation via VENMO or CASHapp:

Example of LIVE SHOWS available exclusively in GJ's COUNTRY CLUB / New Single:


Jamming at THE CURVE